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Certificate in Wedding Cordinating for Bellevue

Bellevue is proud to announce that Nyree Lovell our housekeeper has been awarded the distinction of certified wedding coordinator by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada

Congratulations Nyree !!

A world Class institute that instructs and keeps graduates informed of the latest trends and practices in the wedding industry.

Nyree has played a major role in the success that Bellevue is achieving as a Venue for Brides . In 2014 she travelled to the UK to take part in “Brides the Show “ in London meeting suppliers and planners from many different countries as well as promoting Barbados as the ideal Caribbean destination for the dream wedding .

Throughout this year of many weddings her practical skills backed up by the knowledge gained from her travels and studies are proving invaluable

Nyree plays an integral part in the wedding day organization at Bellevue. Her staff are instructed of their

duties, the house is checked that all is in place for the bride and groom and is always on hand to ensure any minor problems are rectified.

Her knowledge will enhance her understanding of correct procedure and will benefit everyone involved

In the planning and execution of the day

This is another example of Bellevue”s commitment to give every assistance to our Brides and Grooms for

The perfect wedding day .