VUJADAY Barbados 2018


Think of a holiday on a tropical island combined with a concert every evening in a different location encompassing the beaches ,  private tropical gardens of an estate and the wild inland cane fields . A party every evening on an island known the world over for it’s love of rhythm.

The island was chosen Barbados and the Event was launched “ Vujaday “

Ryan Krugar a co-founder of the event had found the perfect backdrop and the dates were fixed back in December 2017. April the 4th to the 8th  2018 and the locations as planned alter every evening .

The 5th April Bellevue Plantation and Polo Club represent the historic aspect of the extravaganza , a 300 year old Plantation house which was refurbished in 2007 and the lands around newly acquired that did represent the plantation as a whole.

Bellevue has in the past hosted many fabulous events from Bliss to Zulu International and many private parties for celebrities .

Vujaday team endorse the beauty of the surroundings and ideal situation easily reached from the airport and port for travelers and locals alike the perfect venue to party the night away.

We all look forward to the best party of the week at Bellevue !

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