BEAR MEDICINE LODGE – Look at lessons you might learn and use from Bear Spirit Qualities


(Look at lessons you might learn and use from Bear Spirit Qualities)


Round 1: The East / Spring        Element: Air       BLACK BEAR

Black Bear emerges from hibernation in the Spring heralding new beginnings with her cubs.  Her energy is depleted and she must feed both herself and her cubs as they move forward from the darkness of winter.  Black Bear is adaptable and a practical power animal, discerning and wise, less aggressive and more discreet than the Grizzly Bear. She is a well balanced, helpful and a good animal companion who helps with setting boundaries

East is the direction of new beginnings but in order to move forward we must release past wounds, negative issues & belief systems that no longer serve us. Leave behind the Old and embrace the New. In this round we ask Black Bear to release us from the fears or issues that hold us back from embracing our full power. (ie releasing fears, past issues, limiting belief systems, anger, guilt etc)


Round 2: The South /  Summer        Element: Fire        SUN BEAR

Sun Bear lives in SE Asia and is an endangered species.  They take their name from the bib-shaped golden or white patch on their chest, which legend says represents the rising sun. They are much smaller than other bears but fearsome and quite aggressive when faced with a challenge. Their tongue is unusually long and can be around 10”. They have interesting facial expressions communicating their needs.

Sun Bear helps us expose the rich sweet desires within our heart and ask for what we need and brings us guidance on our own inner riches.

In the South we have the energy of passion through the Fire in our belly – this is our Willpower without which we cannot manifest or succeed in what we desire. In this round we pray for the corage and will to move forward with what we want to manifest – for the highest good of all.


Round 3: The West / Autumn      Element: Water       GRIZZLY BEAR

The Grizzly is powerful and fiercely protective of her family embodying the ‘Mother’ Archetype.  In Autumn she is preparing to move into hibernation going deep into her cave within the earth and within this dark space she gives often gives birth to her cubs.  Might you need a time or place of hibernation for replenishment and time to heal in order to be reborn?

The west is the place of inner contemplation & healing. It is the womb of life, the deep feminine, where we meet our real self – this is where the sun sets and we move into the night. Grizzly Bear in the West encourages us to call in healing for ourselves and others.


Round 4: The North / Winter        Element: Earth       POLAR BEAR

The Polar Bear’s World is frozen, with landmarks often hard to find. To make matters more challenging, the wind constantly moves the drifts and the floes carrying her plans and thoughts asunder so she has to be strong, adaptable and rely on intuition and wisdom.

The North holds the energy of the Ancestors and Ancient Knowledge. It is the direction of Earth and the Crystal Kingdom where inner wisdom is available to us. Traditionally, in this round we express gratitude and make prayers for Mother Earth and the other living beings that we share her with like animals, trees, oceans etc.




There is no time but now

There is no place but here

In the sacred we do stand

In a circle hand in hand


UN GO WA – welcoming our spirit world

Hey hey hey hey hey un go wa x 4

Ungo wa un go wa un go waaaa



Black Bear we honour your Spirit

Black Bear we honour your Heart

Black Bear we ask you to join us

Black Bear please come and take part



We are at one with the infinite Sun

For ever and ever and ever x 2

Kuate, leno leno mahote

Heyno heyno heyno x 2



Grandfather Bear, oh won’t you come here x 2

Eh yah eh yah eh yah-ah

Grandmother Bear, oh won’t you be here x 2

Eh yah eh yah eh yah-ah



Song means – ‘Be as strong and wise as the Bear’

Yah nay oh way oh way nay x 3


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